Eramosa Header and Wall StoneEramosa Header and Wall StoneEramosa Limestone SillEramosa Header and KeystoneEramosa SillEramosa SillHope Bay Sills and HeadersHope Bay Wall Stone, Sills and HeadersSenesun with Indiana AccentsSenesun with Indiana AccentsIndiana Buff Limestone Header and SillBlended Wall Stone and Indiana HeaderWiarton Brown Grey Wall Stone and SillWiarton Brown Grey StoneWiarton Brown Grey Stone and SillWiarton Brown Grey SillAlgonquin Limestone HeaderAlgonquin Limestone Header

Stone Types: Eramosa, Indiana, Mara, Wiarton 
Face Heights: 2.25 ”,  4” (Sills); 4” - 8” (Headers)
Depth/Lengths: Sill: 6” and Header: 6” – 8” Depth: 24” – 96” Lengths
Front Edge Finish: Rockface or Sawn (with drip cut)
Colour: Shades vary due to natural variations with stone formations.Limestone Sills and Header Colours